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Katarina goes to the Wiesen 02.10.2009
Updatey Anniversary. Wee! 02.08.2009
Hello Munich! 23.04.2009
Back in London. PART TWO! (and a half?) 30.03.2009
PHOTO! 10.03.2009
The last Aussie photos.. 10.03.2009
I is here!! 08.03.2009
Where am I now? 16.02.2009
Picture time! 01.01.2009
I was in jail! 22.12.2008
Melting in India 16.11.2008
Everything I didn't mention because I ran around! 07.11.2008
I is in Italy! 21.10.2008
I'm in Serbia! 28.09.2008
I'M IN GERMANY!! 18.09.2008
Leaving the UK and Ireland 15.09.2008
Pictures from Londonish to Irelandish (belfast) 09.09.2008
Two week nutshell of Scotland and some Ireland! 06.09.2008
This took a ridiculously long time to send. 21.08.2008
Rewind to London! 12.08.2008
DAY ONE! (and a half) 04.08.2008
The Night Before 02.08.2008