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DAY ONE! (and a half)

We've arrived!!
Actually, we arrived yesterday. I just had nothing better to say than how jetlagged I was.
But on that topic, pretty jetlagged. The flight was right one time (yay!) and cramped as hell. I felt like a twisted piece of crepe by the end. The only difference was that my guts weren't oozing out and that my skin didn't break. We popped to Calgary and then on to London, where we arrived 10am London time (and 2am Vancouver time - it left at 15 25 Van). It took us four hours to get to the hostel after that. Nuts. We got our railcards (discounts on trains!), caught some train or another to Victoria station, and as soon as we got in the guy stated "THE FOUR PEOPLE THAT JUST GOT ON, KEEP OUT OF THE WAY OF THE EXITS WITH YOUR BAGS". What I didn't get was why he didn't tell us, since he was standing half a meter away from us. He paged it to the whole train car. But then he told people to remember to bring all their belongings with them on the last stop, including their children - and he kept telling people to "mind the gap" in his British accent - so it made up for it. After that, it was a couple of tube trains on the Underground - which resembled something like a moshpit. I got crammed in between one of the train doors and a bunch of people attempting to get in at one point - I couldn't move, since my bag was pinned down. Apparently India is something like that, so I got a little practice.
The hostel is awesome (you know, when we eventually arrived at it). It's just like the pictures, except smaller. haha. Oh, visuals. It's called Palmer's Lodge. It used to be a hospital or something, has
some history..but I forgot it, since I read it ages ago. But I like it! Lots of character, looks awesomely Vicorian-like.. I love the handrails.
We got the top floor, with a bunch of other girls there. First two people in our dorm that we met ended up to be from Calgary, were actually on the same flight as we were (!!), and took a bus to get to the hostel and got yelled on it cause their bags were too big. They had an adventure, too. Everyone there is really nice, though. I know people say it's harder meeting people in city hostels cause they're all so closed...but everyone I met except for a few people are really open.
We went out, bought some groceries afterwards (well, afterwards, first we stuffed our stomachs full of Subway - same prices as in Vancouver, in the end, so yay! - cause we were ten minutes short of a coma - and then we went into a couple of comas - and then we went to get the groceries). We got some cheese and ham, too, for sandwiches...and then realized when we got to the kitchen that they don't have a fridge to put the stuff in (woops..). It was really humid yesterday (insanely so), so we ate half of it yesterday, hoping we won't die next time we eat the same stuff. We had an early night...after watching tv (and eating said sandwiches) and seeing some guy driving the smallest freaking car ever to work (it would fit into an elevator).
Oh! And then I woke up at 4am. ($&*%!!) I met a fellow jetlagger (from Toronto!). Then went back to bed.
That day we went on a walking tour, and saw a bunch of areas in downtown London. It rained a couple of times, but was nice otherwise. We saw a nose in a wall, and sad people who will not see the changing of the guard cause it was an even day, and got oyster cards that are to be cheaper for the Underground, and a number of other things. It was pretty good. Our guide was an Australian guy with dreadlocks, which he tied at the top of his head like a pineapple, so people wouldn't lose him in a crowd (it nearly happened a couple of times, anyway, but it worked fairly well otherwise). He also showed us the cheapest (and fairly good) food buffet called Mr. Wu's (or WU?). After the tour, practically everyone ended up there, except they all took different routes to get there. We sat with a guy from the states and chatted for a while, so it was pretty good. After that, we split and he went to see London and try to see Westminster Abbey for free (we will maybe try that later, too), and we went back to the hostel cause we started crashing (here we go again). Shanu didn't get to sleep at all, but I passed out wonderfully, so I feel a bit better, I think.
I was gonna post the like four pictures I took today, and was gonna take one of the hostel just before I used to computer, and then I realized when I got to the bottom floor, that I forgot to put the battery back in my camera. So I was gonna just transfer the pics anyway. And then I realized my USB transfer thingy is in my room, too. Oh well. At least I brought the camera? Needless to say I was still sleeping. (I should be awake by the end of this written thing, anyway).
We're planning on going to the British Museum tomorrow, and asking politely for free tickets to Westminster Abbey maybe, and trying to find some cheap theatre tickets for a show tomorrow (there's a bunch of stands in a bunch of places). There's a pub crawl tonight that sounds interesting, however I don't think we'll be attending that one. By 9pm we're both tired anyway (it was like that yesterday), so we'll see. The weather is back to nice and sunny (as opposed to random rain showers earlier - but British rain showers!!). (Talking of showers, I had a British breakfast this morning, as well as a British shower.)
So I'll leave it there...both still alive, jetlagged wondefully (it'll go away eventually). I'll put up pictures when I actually reboot my brain. Hope all's good on the other side of the pond! So excited...GUESS WHERE I AM?!?! (EEEE!!!!)

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The Night Before


Wow, so it's been over a year now.

I'm sitting in the kitchen, surrounded by a crapload of stuff that is coming with me tomorrow. My pack is ready, minus a few details. I'm updating my music selection, and trying to double check things...except that I'm so tired it's better left until tomorrow (or today, since it's today already. OH MY GOD TODAY!! :D) Today was my last day at work (got off at 11pm, afternoon shift). There's some B movie playing on Space right now (giant cockroaches?), Incubus is playing (and I haven't listened to it in a long time), and I'm going on a year-long (plus?) trip today. EE!!

I think I'm somewhere between excitement, anxiousness, nostalgia, and fatigue right now.


Here we go!

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