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Leaving the UK and Ireland

I'm back in Cardiff, now. We went to Cork, lovely city. Visited the Blarney Castle and mooched some stone. You feel like you're really hanging upside down in a hole when you're doing it, but there's a man holding you and there are three metal bars in the hole at the bottom, keeping you from falling off the castle wall (or through it), but not keeping you from breaking your head. Hence the man. But I did it! Yay! My God, it cost way too much. I will not say. Hah! Afterwards, we went to Wexford, a small town on the East, and it's so nice! Only stayed a night, but it was welcoming. Small, cobbled streets, a main with so many shops, a harbour with all sorts of boats, and the hostel was really homey. Met several really nice people there. And two guys from Red Deer, Alberta, too. Haha. Ah, coincidences.
But after 12 hours of dismal ferry (no other name for it), bus, cab, train, we arrived to our hostel. That was yesterday, Now I'll stay here another day, and catch a train to London to sleep at Stansted Airport for my flight tomorrow. Taking the Stansted Express from Liverpool Street to the
Airport. so! Yes. I love it here!! I want to stay longer!! Already decided to come back. And already know what else I want to see and where to go and what to do. The people are wondeful, the area is beautiful (well, all of the areas, except for the sheep), and the food is probably awesome, but I don't really know since I've eaten budget food. But that one restaurant rocked, so there.
Time to get ready to check out (no, literally!).
Serbia Time!!

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Pictures from Londonish to Irelandish (belfast)

AKA four days work of sweat and blood.

Picture time! I hope this works efficiently and well! Random stuff from London to Now (Ireland)!! also, it took me about four days to do this. oh god. but here goes anyway. theyre not in order. woops.

puppy that sat with us in suburb! (belfast)

biggest piece of attached poop ever meeting emma for first time. (belfast)

old courtroom fence. (belfast)

messiest dorm room ever, goes around the corner. awesome. (belfast)

near giant's causeway (north north ireland)

pretty! at giant's causeway. (north north ireland)

giant's causeway with smartie tourists. (north north ireland)

hogwarts express train! at mallaig, going to ft.will. it was awesome. (scotland!)

amazing view from quiraing, this is where we hiked up to. 5 hours from bus stop. (isle of skye, scotland)

old man of storr, where i clutched to slimy round boulder and couldnt move. (isle of skye, scotland)

pile of rocks on top of highest cliff at quiraing. (isle of skye, scotland)

quiraing. (isle of skye, scotland)

walking near john o groats. (northernmostish point of scotland)

near john o groats. (northernmostish point of scotland)

stacks of duncansby in sun! (near john o groats, northernmostish point of scotland)

seals! they sang for a while. (Canisbay, Scotland)

carbisdale castle, a hostel where we stayed. (Culrain, Scotland)

main lobby, carbisdale castle. (Culrain, Scotland)

self explanatory. (bane of my existence, everywhere)

roman fort at a point along hadrian's wall. managed to get in for free by accidentally climbing across said fort. woops. (nearish Carlisle, England - really close to Scottish border)

hadrian's wall! (nearish Carlisle, England - really close to Scottish border)

our awesome hostel in stratford-upon-avon (England!)

shakespeare in stratford (England!)

the boats we rowed in stratford. crashed into the bridge, the boats in the end and turned around 180 degrees before managing to go under said bridge. (Stratford, En!)

in cardiff. (Wales!)

cardiff again, where captain jack fueled his ship. ee! (Wales!)

giant tardis at land's end. (Cornwall, England - the westernmost point of EN)

land's end itself. (Cornwall, England)

sink in our room in plymouth. great hostel, though. (England, Cornwall)

bath path. (Bath! in England)

looking out through the louvre. (Paris, France)

more louvre. (Paris, France)

a cinderella like castle in paris. it was pouring at this time and there was a rainbow and sun. there were thunder showers earlier, too. very crazy! (Paris, France)

for the record, HA! IT WORKED! HA! But yes. There's the visual description of the last month, more or less.

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Two week nutshell of Scotland and some Ireland!

So...Inverness...hahahhaha. Was about two weeks ago. Since then we have hopped across a pond! So after Inverness, I went to Glasgow with Shanu to see her off on her flight back to Vancouver. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I got there to realize I had to catch a really early train so it really ended up to be a really hurried goodbye on a twisted, white staircase in a hostel...at like 7am. Or earlier. the train I was catching was going back to Inverness (I tried) and then on to John O' Groats, the northernmost tip of Scotland (though I think it's really Dunnet Head, cause it looks like that on the map). It was a bit of trouble getting there cause transportation kind of started getting more non-existent, but we got there. Our hostel was in a village called Canisbury. Pretty! You see the coast from there. It also opens at 5pm, so you're locked out until then. Well, after waiting an hour or whatnot to check in (yeah, we got there at 4ish), we walked about a bit. Lots of farms in the area, very nice..calm. Lots of cows. We saw seals singing in the evening, which was brilliant. And then as we were walking back down the main road, I got followed by about 20 cows until we passed their square patch of (thank god fenced in) land. But the flimsy wire fence didn't look very formidable as they all started trotting towards me at once. Those things can kill you.
Took a long walk to John O' Groats itself the next day, an hours' walk from our hostel. It was a nice day, so it was good. Went by the road and when I got there I decided that the actual point isn't as sexy as they advertise it. It was a sea port...cause there were boats for wildlife tours and things like that. And...yeah. But if you walked along this path you started to drool immediately. So I did. I went through hill, grass, sheep, sheep poo (oh my god lots of it and everywhere, those things must have no fear whatsoever for steep cliffs), an amazing white beach that appeared randomly! And against these dark brown rocks, and the water..wow! It was amazing. I climbed up on one of the cliffs and didn't fall! Cause there was practically no footing. But it was so pretty! Although I saw a dead seal from there, so that was sad. Eventually I made it across a bunch more plains and grass, brown stuff and mud and arrived at the Stacks of Duncansby, which are these large rock formations that form into two points. They come out of the water next to these cliffs. Absolutely amazing. It started to rain a bit then (and I started needing that ridiculous toilet thing people need occasionally), so I headed back to the John O' Groats area (cause it had ridiculous toilets at disposal). By the time I arrived there, it was 5 hours since I left our hostel. Lots of walking. But SO amazing! We didn't get to go to the Orkney Islands, but I loved it..I've even picked out the perfect little house in Canisbury that was on sale at the time. Unfortunately, I don't even have enough money for one wall. But one day.
We also went to the Isle of Skye, which was not nearly as sunny as its' name suggests. In fact, it was cloudy. All the time. With rain. Stayed a bit in Kyleakin, which is at the sort of bottom beginning of the island. Iain wanted to go bike around it and I wanted to see some other areas of it, so we split up for a few days. I ended up going to Portree, which is one of its' biggest towns. Stayed there for two nights and met some awesome people. Went on a walk with these two girls I met there, and it was pretty neat! Took us a bit to find the beginning of the path, though. I was wearing flip flops because the day before I mistook a patch of grass near a castle to really be a pool of water wearing a patch of grass for summer fashion and soaked my shoes completely and utterly. So that night it was interesting sort of hiking that path in flip flops. But I made it! Next day we went to the Old Man of Storr, where I was doing a very good impression of being scared shitless (pardon the french and all that). We hiked up (I wore shoes, damp ones but close enough) and eventually ended up going from path to climbing rocks. The Old Man of Storr is otherwise this large rock that sticks up out of the ground. We were climbing to the bottom of that giant rock. So after some clambering, I found myself desperately clutching to a roundish, slippery rock with my slippery hands and feet, horribly noticing how everyone else was wearing hiking boots and I was wearing Chucks (in other words, converse sneakers). I was also attempting to find any other hand or foot holds that represented something a bit more than a 12 year old girl's boob (in other words, nothing whatosever). Below me there was a neat green hill that I could slide down and be a bit bruised - before which I would crush myself on the jagged brown rocks right beneath me, first. Or at least, that's how it looked to me at that moment. But seeing as I'm writing this with body whole, I made it. Otherwise, The Old Man of Storr has a story. Or at least this is how I heard it.
Basically, there was a giant that was so incredibly annoying that all the other giants couldn't stand him. So then they somehow (missing information) managed to cast a spell on him so that he could only be up during the night, but if he went out during the day he would turn to stone. So life kind of started sucking for him after that. But then one day there was a giant giant party happening and he got all excited cause parties last all night. So he got all excited, and finally the sun went down and he went to the party. And he even met this incredibly annoying giantess (equally as annoying!). So they started dancing or doing what giants do and eventually started getting closer (hint, hint) and eventually got really close, and the giant got all sexy and just as they were going to get the sexy down - the sun came up and turned him into stone. From one of the angles, the mountainous area and that giant rock we climbed up to show an outline of a man lying down with a well known body part standing up proud like a flag. I didn't see the outline this time, but there it is.
So! After clambering down a bunch of genitals and all that, we decided to meet at Staffin to do a walk near this beach. I had an all day bus ticket so I got on the bus and the girls talked to this car (with people in it!) to hitchhike there. Unfortunately, I misheard...it was not Staffin. And needless to say, we did not meet up. I waited for a bit but no one showed. However! Another guy got off at the same spot and he was going to go to Quiraing, where I wanted to go initially. So after no one came up (and I realized I heard god knows what with my crazy ears), we decided to go up. See, a man from my dorm told me it had the remains of a castle at the top and it looked amazing. Actually, it was some really neat looking green fields on cliffs. But I learned that later. Basically, I didn't really know what I was going to see when we started walking from the bus stop. It took us like an hour and a half or something to reach the beginning of the trail. Long walk, haha. A dog from some neighbouring...structure? (all i saw were sheep and hills and a car) followed us for about half an hour. Had cookie break. Dog got really friendly but did not receive any cookies. The trail was very deceiving. A sign pointed "Quiraing" thataway. We followed thataway and after like 4 hours or whatever it was, we found it! Climbed to like 3, 4 different clifftops, across fences, past creeks, god knows what. And whenever you would stop to breathe (and this happened more often because of my wimpy, wimpy legs), you would get eaten by flying mites. Well, when we got to the very very top of all of them, we saw it. And it was really cool. And there was even a pile of rocks in the flat distance of said cliff, with fog around (we were in a cloud). (That must have been the castle.) It was amazing. You can see the villages below, farmlands, the water in the distnace, an island that looked like a heart or a speartop, hills and cliffs! Clouds!! And the wind was so strong, too. We found a faster way coming down, though. Apparently if you go in another direction than the one the sign points to, you get there much much faster.But we took some shortcuts and slid down some hills, cause we wanted to get down
faster. It was five hours since we left the bus stop when we finally got down to the beginning of the trail again. That was also when things closed and busses stopped running. And we were about an hour and a half away from any bus. So we hitchhiked our way back. We even got a ride from people that were going exactly where he needed to go (in short, my town was his halfway point) - but I got carsick..and...yeah. They stopped the car for directions and I had to exit it quickly, while thanking them very much (very quickly) and telling him to stay in the car (also quickly), so I can go spill my insides onto Scottish bush. He stayed with me, though! I appreciated it so much, but at the same time, oh my god! Exactly in the same direction! Agh! Stupid body! I was gulfing cookies prior to that ride, hoping to not have to get carsick (empty stomach does it), but I failed miserably. Evidently. We got to Portree quick, though...But that's where we split and he went on the hitch onwards. I very much hope he got there quickly and easily. :( But people were incredibly nice in picking us up...I'm saying this mostly cause my jeans were muddy up to the knee and my shoes looked like furry slippers. My mom probably wouldn't have let me in the house. I suppose on the plus side of that we learned why people always walk on the side of the road when they hitchhike and not just sit there (since you know you'll never get to your destination anyway). The attack of the Mites. That's right. Upon returning to said hostel, I found myself looking like I had Chicken Pox.Bitten everywhere. I was wet, muddy, and even had sheep poo everywhere (because even though we didn't see many sheep, it was EVERYWHERE). At one point, we sat on the wet, muddy, pooey ground for a break (legs=dead again) and we realized we were probably the only people up there then (you couldn't see anyone else). Very neat. The next two days I wore flip flops, tried to dry shoes (they were a very different shade of brown). Visited Fort William and intended to climb Ben Nevis, the highest point in the UK. Did not happen. Still wet shoes, tired from day before, etc. Ended up visiting a caste 2 miles away. Had some dinner with the girls from Portree (they were there, too) and did not sleep all night thanks to two groups of boys ranging from 14 to 60. Four hours of sleep. One of the kids apologized for the noise and blamed it on showers (very nice kid, though). I think I looked scary since it was 1 30am, there were drunked idiots trying to fight outside and the said groups of boys would not stop walking into my room and making noise (and it wasn't even their
room!). I probably looked something like a dragon with hair.
Next, went to Kilmarnock to stay with Iain's family (and Iain, obviously). Took three trains there, and bumped into two guys from Germany for the longest train. We met in Portree, as well. It was nice! Chatted with one of the guys for the entire time, pretty awesome! Funny how everyone ended up coming to the same place. Iain's family is super awesome, though. Everyone is so incredibly nice and there's so many of them! We spent a few days there, and Iain tried to get rid of his cold. Kilmarnock is a small town, and not as easily accessible without car (we found that out when we got a train to somewhere that could or could not return us to our place of rest). But very calming, and with many kind people. We then left for Ireland after a few days. The day we left I received a special gift.
Iain's cold. Nearly over it now. We went to Ballintoy, which is a village near the Giant's Causeway. It's a rock formation created by I believe molted lava, cooling down and breaking off very evenly. It looks like a bunch of hexagonal (or such) rocks of different lengths. On the coast with water splashing away. Or like crystals from Stargate or something. Really just..wow. It's crazy it's natural! It looks carved. And the day was
just beautiful, which made pictures all the better. We walked down there with a roommate we shared in our hostel. Nice guy, and very quiet.
After that, we decided to go to Letterkenny, a town. It looked something like this. Got to Derry (eventually) to get a bus to Letterkenny. Stayed a night (two nights booked there, by the way).. Left in the morning to go see the highest coast cliff in europe. Not possible cause buses were not good. Instead, lady sold us tickets to - Derry! Went to Derry, Bussed to Bridgend (side of road, really), walked two hours, and up a hill, saw round, stone thing possible made around birth of Christ, possibly a citadel at one
point. Walked down two more hours in the now freaking rain, got pants soaked, got shoes soaked, got socks soaked, still have cold. Bussed back to Derry, back to Letterkenny. Next day wanted to go to Armagh. Had to bus to Derry. Bussed back to Derry. No bus to Armagh (it's on the way! what the?!), have to bus to Belfast. We were going to be in Belfast in two days time, anyway...so we threw the whole thing in the water and just went to Belfast two days early. So we're here now. I tried writing this as fast a spossible, since we've gotta go get food soon. I suppose I'll end it there, then.
But yes. The last two weeks in a nutshell. Oh. I'm also in love with Scotland. I WANT TO GO BAACKK!!! But it's nice here, too. :)

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This took a ridiculously long time to send.

From Inverness!


This is me updating the update, because the computer locked me out just before I was going to press "send" three days ago. In the meanwhile, I had to stalk this non-english speaking guy who was going to use my computer, make him log in, and turn off my open e-mail, because whatever you dont turn off before the computer logs you out is left open for the next person to see. Like this random guy's msn, through which I talked to this random Tanzanian guy. As below!

Haha, so I've got half an hour while talking to some guy's friend from Tanzania on msn. It's funny, I just met someone through the computer. That's ironic.

We also went to Oxford, which is full of schools and things. So we walked around that for a while and took a long freaking walk to suburbia Oxford and saw Tolkien's grave, which had all sorts of flowers on it, along with pens, peoples' poems, and a statue of a LOTR character, I think a hobbit. And THEN we went to Stratford and Iain disappeared to Edinburgh.

AAAnyway. So Cornwall..yeah. We did that! We split up for a while, so Iain went up to Ediburgh early and Shanu and I went to Stratford for our play. Stratford is a small town. A fully Shakespeare town. He was born, lived and died there. Our hostel was super awesome. It was a YHA, so it wasn't REALLY super awesome, but it looked like a house from Pride and Prejuidice, which created giggles.
It was also a bit into the coutnry, so we had to make our way out to get to the town. The first night, cause we arrived kinda late, we decided to go eat Indian food, cause it was late and everything was closing, anyway. So we did. And it was so good! And fancy! And then we shared some dessert...and oh my god. It was THE BEST dessert either of us had had
EVER. It was like ice cream, vanilla, but then some chocolate crusty stuff on top with more balls of caramel...oh god. We sighed at the same time and couldn't stop sighing for a half hour after we finished it. It may have been a packaged deal since the bottom looked oddly plastic. In the morning we went rowing, on a rowboat! It was great. I rowed first and Shanu did the steering. One of the (pinchable) rowboat guys helped me in and I felt gross, cause my hands feel like sandpaper thanks to British water (which, by the way, makes my hair feel like soapy straw and it's driving me mad). And then he gave us a crash course in rowing, told us we had an hour and more or less went away. And then we had to row under this bridge, but we weren't very good, so we crashed into the bridge wall a couple of times, then into some other rowboats that were parked nearby, then we got turned around 360 degrees. It wasn't our smoothest first try. This old man in a boat waited patiently for us to shove to any side (since we we're utterly useless), so he could go under the bridge. But we got it ok afterwards, and it was great! We switched halfway, and I got to steer us into some bushes almost, but it wasn't so bad. Then we realized we had 20 minutes left still (we were heading back to the bridge by this point), so we thought to turn around and row away to not be too early, so we did, but just as we did, the same old man in the boat totted by with some passengers and yelled out happily how we got through the bridge (he thought we were trying to get past it for nearly an hour), and I yelled back happily, "Yeah, we did!!" thinking something completely different, and then Shanu pointed out what he probably thought, and boy that could be embarassing if I had any more dignity left. But it was fun!

The play was awesome. We saw Hamlet, with Patrick Stewart playing the dead king and the evil uncle (he did not say "engage"), and David Tennant playing Hamlet (he's the Doctor on Doctor Who). It was a really good play! All the actors did great, but then my favourite died again. Appolonius. That always happens. I forgot, since I didn't read Hamlet for years. There were these girls that shared our dormitory that were also down to see that play, but they came earlier to meet with the other 23 members of the Dr.Who fanclub, so they could stalk David Tennat and get signatures. We were happy we weren't that geeky. We didn't get signatures (though if we were given the option, we probably would, ha). Instead, we clapped a bit and then RAN like hell. This was because of the following. Hamlet is generally a 5 hour long play (%&!) - but they shortened it to just under four hours. The last train from Stratford for our next destination left at 5:27. The play began at 1pm. Our bags were stored in a carpet shop at one end of the town. The train station was at the other end of the town (and up and down hills). Crap. If we missed this train, we had the option of catching another, that would last 16 hours (waaay too long, that's quadrupling the time), and we would miss our next hostel reservation and there goes the moolah. So we ran. But we made it!! Totally getting better at this running thing.

The next place was Carlisle, a small town vaguely near Hadrian's wall. Thanks to our super long trains/bus ride of plus 5 hours from Stratford, we got there (in the rain, as usual) at 11pm. The hostel was like a dorm
room. We had to buzz the "student on duty" (student? what is that?) to let us in. It was kind of ghetto. I turned on a "permanent" fan by accident. But the next day we went to hadrian's wall, and it was brilliant! So pretty...took pictures, stood on top of a really steep hill because I could, the view was gorgious! Not raining then, so it was awesome - hills, trees, sheep, sheep poo, brilliant clouds! And then I got into their roman exhibit for free, cause I jumped over a part of Hadrian's Wall and no one said not to do it. (But it's ok, I'm sure it all evens out somehow) But we carried our packs with us, so it hurt like hell...I know how turtles feel now. No one gives them enough credit. I realized that my camera is one of the heaviest things. So I'll have to suck it up. Since everything else is actually required. Gip!

We arrived in Edinbourgh several hours, later. Met Iain in the pub, naturally. Our hostel is at the edge of the city (but next to water!). It took us three hours to get to it, cause the shuttle didn't come (for the hostel), and the bus was on the wrong side, so we had to cross the street...yeah. But today we went and climbed the Mound, which is this giant freaking hill in Edinbourgh. And we climbed to the very tip (very rocky tip) in the rain! It was great! We had to move really slowly, though, in case we slipped and died. But we didn't, so it was all good. Going down was a mite slower, cause we were doubly worried of doing the dying thing, but that didn't happen then, either. Now I'm in pain, since I have jello legs. But with happiness the jello stomach is sucking itself in, so
that's a plus!

Oh my! We're going to a haunted castle tomorrow. Looking forward to finding orbs!! But I have a minute left so I gotta run. Stupid timing computers!

I have a new e-friend from Tanzania now!

And this is when I was putting in the "To" addresses and just about to press 'send', the computer went 'out of time', and that was it. But since internet keeps being expensive and libraries far away in the rain, I didn't bother to sign in again. So then we went to Culrain, which is this tiny little village. There are farms, some houses (on the farms), sheep and sheep poo (as usual), some cows, lots of greenery, one lonely (requrest) station, and a castle. Which is where we stayed. It's called Carbisdale Castle and it's a mix of a hostel, a hotel, a castle, and a museum. The hall had paintings, statues, and windows like in Pride and Prejuidice's Pemberley. And it was long. And then to get to out rooms, we were in the Tower (hurrah Gryffindor!) and took a bunch of stairwells and doors, so we really didn't know where we were. But it was awesome! Iain was somewhere in another wing. The downfall of the wonderful views and brilliant castle and all that was that there was nowhere to buy food (unless you killed a sheep). So we had to agree with hostel food, which was ridiculously expensive (dinner=£10). But we missed dinner the first night cause we arrived so late on the train...so we ended up with 15 minutes before the bar 15 minutes away stopped serving food. We ran down the castle drieway (like in a forest, but with cars!), through this grassy path with trees, bushes and fence, across this bridge where you can see the distant water under your feet (and how it would look if you fell) - but it was really pretty! - and finally across this little fence thing where the pub was. We made it right at 8 30, but they fed us anyway with delicious burgers. And then homemade chocolate fudge cake. Oh God. It was great. So that said..we came again the next day. We stayed at the Hogwarts for two nights to relax, but the way it's looking we'll be doing that another night..We're in Inverness now. It's raining/windy/not raining?/definitely cloudy. I have no more clothes. I'm half wet. So it'll be a laid back day. Hah. And hopefully one where I don't sweat a lot, because I'll need to keep from smelling too bad. Laundry here costs 5£ (just a measly 10$), and I being cheap have been thinking of going to Glasgow like Pepe le Peu and doing laundry (or all my clothes except for the rags currently in use) there.

OK. So this time it's totally gonna send. Just you watch.

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Rewind to London!

Maybe not the right phrase, but there you go. First off, I;m typing on a nintendo-like keyboard that does not believe in normal buttons, so sorry for the future of crappy writing.
So last time we were in London..since then, we have progressed up the exy UK (see? see?! keyboard!) and are now in Cardiff. But anyway. Before we left London, we had a day trip in Paris. It was an educational experience. We arrived stupid early (train left London at 6 30am. So there's an idea) and arrived in Paris around 9ish presumably and had breakfast. The owner said "bonjour!" to everyone that came into the little cafe. When we received our bills, we realized the prices were refreshingly cheaper than London (duh) and thus normal, and that the orange juice cost 4 Euros.
?!?!?! The liquids did not progress from that point on. The juice, water, coffee, etc, all cost arund 4 euros, while everything else was normal. We then walked down this long, French street towards stuff we can see. In the meanwhile, we saw french people, french buildings, french traffic, french birds, and french sex shops (among other french normal shops). We also saw some french night ladies in the day time. But it was really pretty otherwise. Then we went and saw this Cathedral and there was a head and hand of the guy who's concerned with said Cathedral, and I attempted taking some pictures, but gave up. In the end, I took pictures of tourists, instead. I've grown a strange dislike to tourists, by the way. We also went to the Louvre, which is amazing, huge, and just wow. Spent several hours in there, and got lost several times. Saw Le Jaconde! But my favourite was this painting of these two guys pointing at a statue. And then we had dinner and ran around after a thunder shower in the sun, pelting rain, down some french street, trying to find the subway. And then we did. And then we realized that there really was a time difference in Paris and that our train was leaving in 20 minutes. Woops. After that began a series of wild running leap through the streets of paris, halting cars and confused old people. iain ran like he was strolling through on a Sunday afternoon, and we ran like we were dying. To make a long story shorter, we missed the train by two minutes. Pretty good!!! But they exchanged our tickets cause they felt sorry for us and cause we looked dead. Then we embarassed ourselves infront of some customs guards and went back to London.
We also went to Bath, which is a beautiful little town. Built by the Romans, a lovely place to live. Except for the infestation of tourists. So many! But it was nice. We found a blow up sheep dispenser in the guys' bathroom in one of the pubs and tried to buy it (a blow up sheep!), but it was jammed. We made Iain try to unjam it, but he wasn't very pleased with that. We also went to see Prior Park, to Iain's great excitement. Unfortunately, we ended up taking several hours to get there, as opposed an hour tops. We went UP a BIG HILL (for legs still in pain since Paris), middle of nowhere, Langley-versioned Bath outsideness, then down/up a mud path, through some trees and forest covered paths, some more cement paths, a plain, some other street, and we found it! But it was really pretty and at one point we could see all of Bath. We were very wet by the end, though, since it was
raining. And Prior Park was nice.
Plymouth was very wet, too. But the Hostel was very homey. We went to Land's End yesterday. Say we had about an hour at Land's End. ANd about 8 hours of train/bus travel the rest of the day. Maybe more. I loved it...Breathtaking, waves crashing onto cliff faces, long green hills in the distance, eee! But the bus back went a ridiculously long way. Good thing is we saw most of west Cornwall that way, at least. All these small little towns where people live and farm and enjoy the wind. I melted several times. I lso bought my first batch of postcards, one of them being a character from Dr.Who for the family, since I know my mom would love Dr.Who postcards.
Today we went to a Doctor Who Exhibition in Cardiff (more melting there). I took pictures of everything, but they didn't have the sonic screwdriver I was looking for. We walked a lot and now I'm exhausted, using this ghetto keyboard, and doing laundry. AND i have five minutes left. I believe it's time to go now. Pictures will come when I have a usb port. They don't believe in those here. But they;re really nice! I hope everyone's doing good!!

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