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The last Aussie photos..

and other stores.

Picture time! I thought to put up a few of them, at least.

As a foreword, I noticed my polarizer was evidently dirty on a few photos, so I apologize for the random dots that shouldn't be there. But! Here's the last bit of Australia..or at least tidbits of it, anyway :) That I enjoyed and found pretty. :) Also, out of order again!


This is not Australia. But here is Vancouver a day ago. In March. What is this, the North pole? Anyway. Our backyard. With tree.


This was in Airlie Beach, as far up as I went before running back south thanks to flooding and getting stuck there. This is a sign of all the things that can kill you at their beautiful beaches that you couldn't swim in.


Lovely Sydney at nighttime. Pretty awesome, since I had no tripod. It looks so grand at night, when you're coming in with a ferry...you have to see it. But here's a vague idea.


Also Sydney - we saw this car (and rock) when we were walking back to Town Hall for the night bus. Pretty random, it was in a little circle resembling a roundabout, near the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


A beautiful view from the Noosa National Park - you can see the surfers in the water paddling, trying to catch some waves. Always amazed me that they were doing it so close to the stones. The waves can be pretty strong..


Another Noosa National Park lookout point. I loved this one, it was amazing to stand there. Wind was strong here. But so beautiful!


Tried to catch a sunset in Newcastle. Naturally, caught half of it, but it was still really nice. Very quiet, nothing but the waves hitting the stones below (to the left). As I was walking back to the hostel, when dark fell, there was a paraglider still gliding quiet over me (there's a bunch of them there during the day), flapping like some magical bird. It was pretty cool.


Giant pears in between exhibits at the Brisbane Art Gallery. Looked pretty fancy, great lighting and set up!


Sydney and sky seen from the ferry returning from Manly - the sun was setting, it was very pretty.


What I saw through the trees at Noosa National Park - pretty cool. There were many surfers that ran up and down this trail, going from one surf point to another or back to the parking. Most barefoot, hence the running. The gravelish ground sort of hurt I think.


A small beach at Manly - the trees on the right are where we essentially went to climb up onto boulders where there was a brilliant view of the surroundings. There was one woman on this beach at the time.


A urinal! It's right next to these public bathrooms. And it's under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. On the sidewalk. Sort of a random spot for it, I thought, but useful all the same. And it's so fancy! Jealous I couldn't use it.


Emus look like dinosaurs. Look at its' eyes! And its' feet look like dinosaur feet that you see in Jurassic Park. Seriously. But anyway. This dinosaur bird was very photogenic. This was at the BlackButt Reserve near Newcastle.


A few of us went to watch some cricket in Adelaide. This is what people did on the grass there. They picnicked! And watched cricket! And had beer! It was pretty neat. It got very cold later, though, so we ran to the stands where we froze some more.


This is the calmest beach ever! Or water, anyway. The waves weren't strong at all because of the way the land sheltered this specific beach. It was cloudy, but surprisingly perfect. At Coff's Harbour. The YHA there was weird. But the people were great.


A koala at the BlackButt Reserve (near Newcastle). Paid 3$ to pet her! She was being stared at by everyone. And I went there with these two girls that changed their hairstyle (in a freaking forest!) four times between the two of them, once they saw these three random (and vaguely iffy guys). Oi. But the koala was cute. Look, it's one of their hands! Also ended up getting a ride back to town by a really nice shop owner from here, cause I couldn't find the right bus stop and neither could the people that worked in the area - and he was going in the same direction. Still. So nice!!


Another koala, looking very sad...at the BlackButt Reserve.


Futuristic kangaroo! Artwork around Brisbane city centre..I added my own touch of blue duck.


Mikey observing the stones below. We were at Manly and went up a teeny bit of a climb onto these boulders with just amazing views - behind that little beach with the boat above there - but this is what we saw when we looked down. The water hit the rocks and splashed, while ahead it stretched out. It doesn't look so bad in this photo, but it definitely looked a touch steeper in real life...Still. Loved it there! Beautiful day :)

OK, there's more, but it takes forever to do and I must pretend to shower now. Will put up some more on facebook or something similar. Go to Australia! I love it!!

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I'm glad you liked the incredible Manly Tour! mmmmwah!

by mihi

and: very beautiful pictures. seriously.

by mihi

you mean the super awesome Michael Tour! and thanks :) but I haven't put up all my favourite ones, yet.. :) MMMMWAAHH!!

by Buttfish

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