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I was in jail!

I slept in a jail last night!! When we arrived, I wasn't sure where I was at first - but after passing a bunch of bars and cells and things it clicked, haha! But OK, it's actually a hostel. Still. Used to be a jail!
I am currently in Adelaide, just arrived today. The man that handles the jail hostel in Mount Gambier (where I stayed for a night) offered me a ride to Adelaide, as he was going that way, so I got one! Unfortunately, I already paid for a bus ticket there earlier, however a car is more comfortable, there's good company, and it doesn't make your backside feel like a car accident when you get out (like busses do). So! All in all, good!
I visited Sydney, naturally, as I landed there first. Went to the Opera House, which is, by the way, awesome. Just like everyone says! But what they don't tell you is that the thing is yellow! It still looks white in my photographs, though. And no, it's not the sun. Tried climbing the bridge, but it cost "only 199$ today", as the lady said, so I gave them a merry goodbye and walked away. ?! I stayed in an area called King's Cross, which is supposed to be the Red Light Disctrict, apparently. I didn't know, guess my hostel was at the corner of it.
Went to Katoomba! It's a small town west of Sydney. It's in an area of the Blue Mountains National Park, which is beautiful. The palce I was at, I went to see The Three Sisters, which are these three rocks that stick out one next to the other (really big ones). The story is that there was a father that turned his daughters into stone for safety and died before he could turn them back. I can't be more explicit, I forgot the rest! But that's the gist of it :S (Sorry!) You look at them from this ridge, and it goes around for miles - and in the valley below there is rain forest. You could walk all over, of course. I walked outlining the ridge at first, and every once in a while you can stop at a look out and - well, look out. What I saw was like something from Jurassic Park, except without the dinosaurs, death, and 80s overalls, or whatever it was they wore. Ridges and cliffs outlining around to your left and right, ahead of you little hills and things (mountains!), and thick, thick rainforest. You can see a parrot here or there flying, and you can hear a screech that sounds incredibly like a Pterodactyl - you've just gone back in time. At one point, I was at a lookout point and a thunder storm came on - thick clouds came with thunder and lightning and I saw them settle over the valley (and mountains) ahead of me - putting everything into a bluish mist. Hence, I think, the name - Blue Mountains. I got wet. Also went on a, what, 8 hour hike to the "Ruined Castle" - which really was just a pile of really effing big rocks. I went there with a friend (who unfortunately had to suffer me stopping every ten seconds on the way back, since I'm so in shape). It was good, too, since on the way there we ran into these people and these girls that got lost on the way there and were going back, and then the lady made a joke of asking our names in case we never returned - with an "haha - no, really" seriousness. We gave them, but it wasn't the most encouraging aspect.. Still. Walked down through rainforest, birds and bugs and trees of all sorts! Beautiful! The sounds were so neat...it's like something you don't hear. Ever. Literally. This may be because no one really lives in a rainforest,
though. The view from the Ruined Castle was breathtaking. I was worried of climbing up on it ("how do I get down?"), but ended up doing it anyway and was doubly happy for it. Think of two people standing on a giant rock on a little hill (really huge hill, it hurt to climb!), amongst miles of rainforest in every direction, surrounded by cliffs and pterodactyls! It was exhillirating!! The way back was very much less so, since we were beating the sun (getting stuck in the dark would very much suck), and the closure of the liquor store (spoken for itself). We ended up going there backwards than was suggest in this brochure, really, cause we were supposed to walk back the way we came - and get down there by the Golden Steps. Instead, we had to go up these Golden Steps. At first, I'd like to say that there's nothing Golden about them whatsoever. We climbed up a bit and I was in pain (being me - my legs felt like jello, you could eat them) - and my companion was nice and waited, and was proving positivity by saying you could see the end of it, so it wasn't so bad. So I looked up to see the end - and I saw something very similar to what that little mouse in Disney's Cinderella saw when he just barely climbed one step and had to climb a million more. I could see the end. At the end of a very very large cliff...somewhere up there. Did it all though! - I mean, how could I not, what was I going to do, sleep in a tree? But I should prohibit people hiking places with me, as they suffer more than I do by stopping lots. :S
But Katoomba..is awesome pretty. From there I went to Dubbo, which exists. Went to the Western Plains Open Range Zoo. It's a small town where there's apparently nothing to do, from what people tell me (though there is plenty in reality). The zoo allows passes for two days, so I went there both
days. The second day I went on the Early Morning Walk, which was at 6
30am. I rented a bike to ride there (it's an hours' walk from the hostel), but it took me 45 minutes, instead. Also, the bike seat hurt a lot so I arrived with torn insides. But you learn so much! And they do things like feed Giraffes! I had a million questions, but the tour was sort of hurried (she talked a lot maybe), and I couldn't squeeze anything in! Still. Ee! It was also early enough that the sun didn't hit it so you could see the animals well enough, before they hid. And in my opinion, before you hid, since it's pretty damn hot. I got burnt nastily enough from those days. I stayed at a hostel where everyone lived together and worked together at a meat processing plant. Really nice people! It was like a little home, so I felt bad at having to leave, in a way.
The funny thing is, once you get into Dubbo, which exists, you can't get out. Meaning to go towards the south, I was forced to go north. Otherwise, I stay there forever. So I went to Newcastle (a bit north of Sydney), cause I didn't want to go back to Sydney and such. Newcastle is an industrial town, I think. But it's along the beach - and awesome! My hostel was two minutes walk from the beach. So I lengthened my time and barbequed! Also rested, since I was tired of hot insides (as in country insides) for a bit. The waves and beach and sky and everything were perfect! Except that I learned that as pretty as the waves look, they're really mean mothertruckers. I went in the water and came out thoroughly beat up. If you jump at the right time, you catch the wave and slide down in glee - but whether you catch it or not, you fall back in the water in an ungraceful heap of blubbering human, trying to breathe, with hair all over your face - and if really unfortunate, looking for the bottom piece of your bathing suit (I caught it every time, so I was lucky, I think). Also got burnt again. But it was nice!! The beach, I mean. There's a sort of sweetness to the central part of the town, so you can't help but feel like you're on a grand vacation, where the whole point of life is to go to the beach and act the beachy tourist. I met a few people here and went out to a free barbeque and trivia night, where I knew a question about Heathrow airport.
One thing about Australia is that it's so far away that you don't think about its' size. And then you try to go from Newcastle to something like Warrnambool (near Melbourne), and it takes you a mere 25 hours. I have no more tailbone, but I arrived. Two busses and a train, along with a city train, since I got off at the wrong stop (I can't translate accents for my life). Australia is about the size of Canada, or of the States (minus Alaska), or of all of Europe (minus Scandinavia, I think?) ,or...you get the idea. But their transportation is considerably better than ours in Canada, I think, since they actually also have trains that don't cost thousands of dollars and don't exist to please the old and rich (like that one that leaves Waterfront in Vancouver). So I like their trains! Warrnambool is a small town, also on the coast (the south, this time), where there is a place called Cheeseworld! I misunderstood it to be a tour, but it wasn't. However, there was a big shipwreck there many years ago (settler time), so it has a bit of history. I walked and visited a market they had that day, and walked around the Merri Marine Reserve, I think it was, where they help conserve marine creatures of all sorts. I was standing on some funnily shaped rocks and boulders, and the water crashing so, it was like an Australian Scotland. Best I could describe. Got burnt here, also.
Next, Adelaide. But this is where I skept in an old jail in Mt. Gambier.
So now I arrived in Adelaide, I intend to make the most of it, since I'm here for Christmas. My internet time is also running out, so I should go before I'm reproached. Or have to pay more than I intend to. One thing I can't get used to is the internet time charge - and the price of cheese! I read in an article that cheeseries may have to lower their prices do to market instability or something - it's a bad thing, but selfishly I secretly rejoice.
Happy Christmas!
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